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To build the future of OM ENTERPRISE – Brass Engineering Hub, we believe in Quality with operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.

Our Entrepreneur Mr. Sachin K. Vara key person is himself a Mechanical Engineer and has got rich industrial expertise in this domain; therefore we always remain focused on quality. We use genuine brass rods, brass bars, etc. to mold the best brass components by using the latest techniques and formula. Being an organization with an ISO 9001:2000 accreditation, maintaining standard quality measures has become a tradition for us.

We have a well-developed quality control system through which every product is made to pass through stringent quality tests. Our quality personnel ensures the supply of flawless brass products to the end-users at all times. Also, provide with third party inspection if needed.

Om Enterprise will confidently become one of the leading organizations, in our competitive market place, through

a unified commitment to the QMS values of:

  • Improve Product Quality

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Continuous Improvement

And also, providing an environment that promotes:

  • Improve Product Quality

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • An Opportunity to Excel

Our main QMS objective is to satisfy our valuable clients by providing the best consultancy with timely and effective execution of projects in the industrial, commercial and Engineering sectors which are major requirements for a growing economy like ours. With R & D and product development base, we are among the rare group who can provide Engineering Solution by developing spares, upgrading the existing system for reuse of devices for onward operations, which saves millions of Rupees


We are dedicated to brass material quality and continuous process improvement for both customers and employees. We develop brass quality awareness through process improvements, testing structure measurements, and development of brass material. Brass Material Quality is an integral part of our commitment to world-class products and customer service.

Specification of Brass which used In OM ENTERPRISE

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc; the proportions of zinc and copper can be varied to create a range of brasses with varying properties like:

  • Brass products made from

  • Free-Cutting Brass CZ-131,

  • Free Cutting Brass Rod BS249/63 near equivalent to BS 2878 – CZ 121,

  • Leaded Brass CZ – 130,

  • High Tensile Brass CZ – 114,

  • Leaded Riveting Brass, IS-2704, Naval Brass Road IS-291 I,

  • UNS C36000

It can be significantly less expensive than identical parts made from leaded AISI Type 12Ll4 steel.

This is possible for three reasons:

  • Brass turnings are a valuable commodity and Brass produce more turnings than parts by weight;

  • Brass parts can be machined much faster than leaded steel (theoretically, almost five times as fast), which translates into significantly lower production costs;

  • Brass products don’t require expensive electroplating to resist corrosion or preserve their usefulness or appearance.

Brass parts can cost less whether or not electroplating is a factor, however, environmental concerns have driven the cost of electroplating up significantly in recent years, and brass is becoming a better value than ever before. Corrosion resistance is certainly an important consideration in automotive Brass components. Despite exposure to corrosive conditions, parts must continue to function, threads and fittings must continue to fit properly, and an image of quality should be maintained.