We manufacture and export wide range of Brass Nuts, Bolts and Washers with International Standards including DIN, ISO, EN, EU, BS, ASTM, ANSI and more. The range of Brass Nuts, Brass Bolts and Brass Washers are available in various size, types, material, shapes, head and other configuration as per custom requirements and specification.

The range of Brass Nuts include Brass Hex Nuts, Brass Round Nuts, Brass Wing Nuts, Brass Cap Nuts, Brass Square Nuts, Brass Knurling Nuts, Brass Lock Nuts, Brass Crown Nuts, Brass Castle Nuts, Brass Slot Nuts, Brass Dome Nuts, German DIN Nuts and more.

The range of Brass Bolts include Brass Hex Bolts, Brass Round Bolts, Brass Eye Bolts, Brass Flange Bolts, Brass Square Bolts, Brass Machined Bolts, Brass Carriage Bolts, Brass U Bolts, Brass Turned Bolts, Copper Bolts, Nickle Brass Bolts, German DIN Bolts and more.

The range of Brass Washers include Brass Flat Washers, Brass Plain Washers, Brass Spring Lock Washers, Brass Square Washers, Brass Tooth Lock Washers, Brass Fender Washers, Brass Split Lock Washers, Brass Hi-Collar Lock Washers, German DIN Washers and more.

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Specification of Brass Nut Bolt and Washers:

Brass, Free Cutting Brass, High grade Brass, Stainless Steel, Steel, Copper, Mild Steel, Aluminium, Carbon Steel, Electrolytic Copper, Galvanized Steel or any Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Material as per RoHS Directive.


  • ISO Metric (MM Threads)

  • BA, BSW (Inches), BS, BSP, BSPT, etc. British Standards

  • UNC, UNF, ANSI, ASTM, NPT, NEF, NPS, etc. American National Standards

  • DIN German standards

  • JIS Japanese Standards

  • GB Chinese Standards


  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Wear and Tear Resistant.

  • Dimensionally Accurate.

  • High Sturdiness

  • Electrically Conductive.

  • Available in Simple to Complex Torque.

  • For Secure Fitment and Installation.

  • RoHS Compliant.

  • Customization Available.

Finish and Coating:

Natural, Nickle Plated, Tin, Silver, Electro-Tin, Nickle Brass, Chrome, Zinc or any type of Coating & Finishing available for Product Name.

Industrial Classification:

Automobile, Automotive, Electrical, Electronics, Telecommunication, Instrumentation, Waterworks, Medical, Construction, Oil & Gas, Mechanical, Petrochemical, Hardware, Lightening System, Manufacturing and many more Industrial Sectors.

Brass Hex Nut Full

Brass Wing Nut

Brass Lock Nut

Brass Square Nut

Brass Hex Bolt

Hex Bolt with Collar

Brass Square Bolt

Brass special bolt

Brass washer flat

Brass Teeth Washer

Brass Square Punched Washer

Brass Square Punched Washer